About 7 for Good


In the fall of 2018, seven women from NW Indiana volunteered to travel to Haiti to serve the residents of this impoverished country, by providing mobile medical clinics in remote location. In preparation to leave for Haiti, this team began a study of the book Radical by David Platt. Before the trip, they worked through the first few chapters, many were challenged by their “North American Christianity”, and God was working among them. In Haiti, they continued to read and discuss Radical, while being in the middle of immense poverty and suffering. Everywhere they looked the message of the book began to really make the team members think about how to create change.

For the week the team spent in Haiti they team held six clinics in seven days, and saw 750 adults and children. Every person who came to receive medical help while waiting for up to seven hours was seen, no one was turned away. And just like when God provided oil for the widow who had none, they had a time when the medication that was needed was gone, and miraculously more was provided. The team, although thrilled with what had been accomplished, left Haiti with a heavy burden to do more, to make changes to the glory of God and FOR GOOD. 

In order to continue the team’s relationship with Haiti, many avenues were discussed and investigated. In the end they choose to partner with Faithfully Radical Ministries, and became the international branch of this ministry that is now known as 7 For Good. They will be returning to Haiti soon, where they will continue to build relationships with Haitian nationals to host mobile medical clinics, and more!

- Josie Oxendale, Director of 7 For Good

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